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HGP provides support to communities to build resiliency in children  overcoming trauma and adversity.


Our Story 

Healthy Generations Project is a landmark community development initiative dedicated to addressing growing societal needs for resiliency. Leveraging emerging research in neuroscience and community-building, Healthy Generations Project coaches, implements and provides trainings for community-based and peer-led programs that affect positive social change
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Our Founder

Executive director Jennifer Dhillon is a longtime Bay Area not-for-profit leader and former environmental attorney. For more than 20 years, Jennifer has worked to eliminate inequalities in housing, health, and education. Her training methodology and program design draws on emerging neuroscience about the brain’s reaction to long-term stress and trauma, as well as her deep experience in and knowledge of community development. 

We care for children and our commmunities


Stronger Relationships and Community Connection
Improved Nutrition, Healthy Routines, and Literacy
Mindfulness and Self Efficacy
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