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community-led resiliency

In between adversity and professional interventions is the community...

The community can help build resiliency, 

hope, and success

Our Model



 How trauma impacts children especially those in low income and marginalized communities



How to foster resiliency in children through community based groups



How your organization can create sustainable community responses to trauma that build resiliency


HGP is powered by the latest neurobiological insights about how adverse childhood experiences impact a child’s cognitive, emotional and physical growth. 

Testimonials from our Community Resiliency Builders. 

Working to build my own community is so rewarding to me. I don't just feel like I'm  wasted skin. Even though I’m fifty-nine years old, I’m giving back. 

I get the kids to school on our Walking School Bus. The kids now say, "I want to go to school!" The instructors at the elementary school say attendance is up.

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